We don’t want just anyone producing our product. As a women-owned business, we partner with a diverse group of women, who share at least one commonality - the lack of opportunity to harness an independent income. We collaborate with makers from low-income and immigrant communities in the local NYC area, as well as marginalized communities in the Global South. Meet the women that make it happen. 

Handmade in Harlem


Our bandanas are made in New York City by Custom Collaborative's community of makers. Your purchase provides vital income to the women in their programs who rely on sewn goods production work to support themselves and their families.

Custom Collaborative is a New York City-based entrepreneurship and workforce development program that trains and supports women from low-income and immigrant communities to launch fashion careers and businesses. By learning the standard techniques and ethical business practices of the fashion industry, our participants professionalize their sewing and design skills, overcome barriers to employment, and ultimately, change the economics of the industry.

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Handmade in Nepal

gone to the dogs artisans makers


We believe in providing economic opportunities to those often excluded from the global economy. All our wool toys are crafted by fairly-paid, highly trained artisans.

Our partnership supports income-generation for 100 female heads-of-households living within and near the Kathmandu vicinity. Providing fair living wages and stable incomes allow these women to access education for their children, and provide necessary means to strengthen their families' livelihoods in an otherwise marginalized population.

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Handmade in Cambodia

friends international artisan gone to the dogs makers


Founded in Phnom Penh in 2005,  Friends International provides training, a stable income, social support (for example: hygiene, nutrition, child rights, HIV, reproductive health, etc.), and employment assistance to adults in marginalized communities. The majority of producers are mothers who have been unable to access employment, either because they have young children without care facilities available, a low level of education and skills, or because their physical and emotional conditions prevent them from engaging in formal employment.

By helping families achieve sustainable financial security, our partnership reduces child labor and increases reintegration of marginalized children and youth into school and training. Every purchase creates a positive impact, as all profit is reinvested into the lifesaving programs of Friends-International.



Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Fairsew is woman-owned & led social enterprise leading sustainable and ethical garment practices, dedicated to fair trade practices and environmental stewardship. This small-batch manufacturer reduces waste by recycling pre-consumer materials and collaborating with local textile producers who prioritize eco-friendly methods. Fairsew offers a safe work environment, wages focused on upward mobility, and growth opportunities through training and education. Health benefits include a partnership with Hope Hospital, providing medical allowances and subsidizing additional costs.


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Handknit in Peru

fair trade handmade artisan maker women knitter sustainable ethical sweater fashion


Our artisan knitting partners in Peru would like you to know they love what they do from start to finish. Through fair trade means, these 70+ women coordinate, develop and knit beautiful products utilizing organic Peruvian materials showcasing their talent while supporting their families through their fine craftsmanship. 

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Handmade in Peru

Gone to the Dogs Women Artisans Makers Hand made Peru


Our work with our makers in the Peruvian Andes offers the opportunity for women from marginal urban areas and rural communities of extreme poverty to become the economic backbone of their families. 

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Handmade in Guatemala

Gone to the Dogs women artisans Guatemala Handloomed Handmade Sustainable Ethical pet products


Our work in Guatemala brings us to collaborate with an association of indigenous artisan weavers, expert in the ancient techniques of back-strap and pedal loom weaving and embroidery.

Pixan operates according to fair trade principles in the most authentic and traditional sense of the term: It enables professional direct trade relationships to flourish between talented Highland artisans and individuals and businesses around the world.

The Pixan model champions fair pay and work conditions, high quality artisanal work, and the aforementioned direct trade relationships, which remove the need for middlemen and their fees.

Read up on our efforts supporting environmental sustainability and animal shelters.