Reclaim, Remake, Recycle & Compost Too!

Most toys are difficult to compost or recycle... But not ours!!! After your fur baby is finished with our handmade wool toys, you can recycle the remnants by returning them to our shop or any of our pop-up markets for 20% off your next toy! ♻️ 

In the US, 254,000,000 tons of garbage annually wind up in landfills with only 9% of recyclable materials actually end up recycled. We’re constantly exploring & improving our methods of eco-sustainability by sourcing recycled, reclaimed or renewable materials and compostable fibers whenever possible with low-waste manufacturing methods as our goal. This is our mission and we choose to accept it. Rest assured our dogs are doing their part in making this world a better place for future pups. 

Read up on our efforts to support marginalized communities and animal shelters as well.