About Us


From Jennifer & Santos
Gone to the Dogs Co-founders

As long-time pet parents, we’ve come across all kinds of products for our beloved fur family members. The problem is we often don’t know how the products are made or who made them. Are they mass-produced in a sweatshop factory environment? How are the workers treated? Are they paid a living wage? What do the companies do with their industrial waste? Shopping for well-made and kind-to-the-earth pet goods can be a bleak affair. As creators, we set out to counter the lack of transparency and responsibility found in the process of producing pet goods. We created Gone to the Dogs, an ethical platform from which we can share the best of our ideas and our collaborations with talented makers and artisans.

From day one, we make our mothers proud. 

We don’t want just anyone producing our product. As a women-owned business, we partner with a diverse group of women, who share at least one commonality - the lack of opportunity to harness an independent income. We collaborate with makers from low-income and immigrant communities in the local NYC area, as well as marginalized communities in the Global South.

Re-creating to create less. 

Each of our products is not only handmade but also sourced from recycled, reclaimed or renewable materials, and natural fibers. We’re taking back what’s en route to the landfill, utilizing compostable materials, and prolonging the life of fibers. We’re proud to bring back and promote the motto, “reduce, reuse, recycle!”


For every pet without a home. 

Our greatest Gone to the Dogs muses are our rescue dogs, Miles and Ollie. We love them from the depths of our hearts and believe that all pets deserve to be a part of a happy home. A portion of our proceeds goes to animal shelters truly making a difference in giving every pet a happy home.

To sum it all up, Gone to the Dogs is a social enterprise dedicated to reimagining thoughtfully designed and ethically sourced goods hand-crafted by inspiring makers locally and globally. We invite you to join our community, read up on our efforts supporting artisan groups in marginalized communities, environmental sustainability, and animal shelters and help us do some good.

Until then, we wish you well!

Jennifer & Santos


P.S. Tell us what you think! We love to hear ideas and feedback. Email us info@gonetothedogs.co