Mantas Pet Bed Cover - Multi

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​​Our dog bed covers are made from handwoven vintage sheep’s wool and alpaca blankets and initially given as gifts on celebrations like birthdays and weddings. Our artisans have reclaimed them for your little one’s rest and relaxation.

The inner liner can be pre-ordered separately starting November 2021.

Sustainable Stuffing:
We recommend stuffing this pillow with your old towels, comforters, etc. The scent of you will have a calming effect on your dog that no memory foam or latex bedding will ever provide.

Mainly Reclaimed Sheeps Wool or Reclaimed Alpaca Fibers / Other reclaimed fibers such as Cotton or Acrylic

Hand wash cold separately or Gentle Machine Cycle.  Flat dry. 

Every item is handcrafted and will vary in color or look, with no two items exactly alike. Be aware of colorfastness due to dyes. General use and washing will fade the color to produce a unique appearance. 

Handmade in Peru



Small Bed 

24” Length x 19” Width x 6” Height

Large Bed

33” Length x 25” Width x 6” Height