Jellyfish String Toy
Jellyfish String Toy
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Jellyfish String Toy

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It’s time to jelly-brate! Our Jellyfish Toy is the only thing your kitty needs for hours of fun!


  • 100% Natural, Compostable Wool. Wool fill.
  • Handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Felt dyed with toxin free dyes.
  • 5” length x 3” width.
  • Entire length of the toy, including the natural cotton string, measures 35” long.


  • Spot clean with cold water; air dry.

Sold individually. 


Handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal
We believe in providing economic opportunities to those often excluded from the global economy. All our products are crafted by highly trained artisans and makers from across the globe. 

To read more about the women who made your toy click here.

Small Batch Production:
When we say small batch production we really mean it. Every item is handcrafted and will vary in color or look, with no two items exactly alike. 

Toy Safety:

Perfectly happy, calm, and well-behaved pets make our tails wag. Our toys are meant to be played with and inevitably destroyed to satisfy their natural instincts. It helps build their confidence and well-being. And as a responsible pet parent, you can rest assured 99% of the toy can be made into compost instead of filling up landfills for a gabillion years.

You know your pet more than we do. We’ve posted measurements so you can ensure the size of the toy is perfect and safe for your size pet. Our toys are filled with 100% natural wool. This should provide a safe window to remove the toy from your pet should they reach the core. For pets and toys, the safest way to play is with supervision. Your attention is the most important safety feature.