iFundWomen Crowdfunding Campaign for Mobile Bikes/Tricycles

Hello Friends, Family, and Pet Community!

Gone to the Dogs is always looking for creative ways to make a greater impact while achieving our mission; reduce our carbon footprint, create stable income for women, and share all our "do good" ideas with our pet community. Santos and I are asking for your help and support! 

Santos and I have been doing many (a bagillion) pop-ups and markets the last few months. We've learned a tremendous amount and have tried many ways to make the process more efficient and impactful for our partners and our business. We've had our gains and our losses, but through our trials and errors we've come up with a brilliant idea! We're not asking for much, just two bikes for two gals whose goal is to get the word out there and do some good in our community. Yes, bikes. Actually, they're trikes or tricycles. These tricycles will serve as our mobile pop-up units that we ride to pop-ups and markets all around the city. The trikes will be fully Gone to the Dogs branded with e-assist and storage that opens up into a table top so that we can sell on the spot!

That's not the only fun part. We've got so many goodies for those who would like to support the campaign! Contributors are able to select their amount to contribute and in exchange we will send you a ton of exclusive campaign merch! Want a custom portrait of your dog? Want some goodies for your furbaby? We got you! 

We are so excited to share this with everyone! Please check out our iFundWomen page here to learn more about and how to support our campaign. Make sure to check out our awesome campaign video that we put together in collaboration with the lovely Andrea Caceres! 

More soon! xo

Santos and Jenn