Gone to the Dogs Top 10 Throwback Moments of 2020

This is it! Farewell! Ciao! ✌️ I'm out 2020! It's been a *ruff year for sure. But despite 2020 being a sad sad year, let's just say we tried to make the most out of it. We thought before we dive into 2021 it's important to reflect, evaluate, and note. In this post we listed a few of our favorite moments - our milestones, accomplishments, and firsts. Some of these things don't seem like much, but we're hopeful when we say teeny tiny steps, big strides. Watch out 2021!  
Here's a few favorite moments that we're nerding out over:
Gone to the Dogs first pop up at Greenpoint Terminal Market
10) Our first pop-up ever at Greenpoint Terminal Market 💕💕
Gone to the Dogs first sample prototype
9) Our very first in-house prototype of our Pepian Bowtie
Gone to the Dogs first mention feature
8) Our first mention from @dogmomsofnyc 🙏🙏
Gone to the Dogs first fashion show
7) Launching our e-commerce site by putting together our very first virtual event- GTTD's Fashion Show. 🙏 💕 to everyone that helped make this happen! 
Gone to the Dogs extended studies
6) & 5) being awarded full scholarships to extended study programs; Santos for Women's Entrepreneurship from Cornell University and Jenn for Digital Marketing from Brainstation.io 👏👏
Gone to the Dogs first gift guide
4) Being featured in our first Gift Guide ever via wearewomenowned.com
Gone to the Dogs best seller
8) Our first sold out product - Winky Oni 🍙  was just irresistible. We're just happy that you 💕  them 🥰🥰
Gone to the Dogs LISC grant
9) Our first grant from LISC NYC couldn't have come at a better time. 🙏🙏  Thank you for the support during Covid and for supporting small businesses!
Gone to the Dogs on news Pix 11
10) Making the news - 🙏 💕  Pix 11 for the quick clip and supporting local makers and small businesses. Click here for full clip!