Dog Goods that Do Good - Our Motto as an Ethical and Sustainable Business

Introduction: Why We Started this Business and What Makes Us Different from Other Brands

We wanted to make a business that stood for the values that we care about. We wanted to do everything in our power to be different from the other brands you see in stores. That’s why we started Gone to the Dogs.

We are different because we use sustainable fabrics, eco-friendly materials, and ethical manufacturing practices. Our vendors, made up of female entrepreneurs, are based around the world. We want to make our clients feel empowered by the products they use every day when walking and playing with their dogs.

Why You Should Give a Second Thought When Buying Pet Products

When it comes to buying pet products, especially for our furry friends, some may be willing to pay extra money for ethically made or eco-friendly products. Others may still be on the fence. The pet industry has been in a boom for the past few years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. While many brands are springing up with products in order to take advantage of the growing market, we wanted to stand out.

Buying clothes for your pet is not just an act of love, it’s also an act of kindness. For some dogs, it's not only important to keep warm during the winter months, but also necessary. The right clothing can be the difference between a happy dog and a shivering one!

While you’re taking care of your pup, support a small business and women entrepreneurs around the world in the process.

Our Products - Who We Support and Why It's Important for You to Know

As a women-owned business, we partner with a diverse group of women. We currently collaborate with a women-led nonprofit and incubator called Custom Collaborative. The NGO trains, mentors, and advocates for and with low to no-income and immigrant women in the New York City area to build the skills necessary to achieve economic success in the sustainable fashion industry and broader society. 

How to Shop with Us Today & Beyond - How We're Making Shopping for Your Pets Easy & Rewarding!

We are making the process of shopping for your pets so much easier and rewarding for the community! With every purchase, part of your sale is donated to a local charity in New York.

From your home or work, you can buy accessories, toys, and more from our website. You can also join us in our store on 7th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

You'll be able to find any product that Gone To The Dogs carries at the click of a button - including the newest items that we're excited to tell you about! Come find us at 103 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215. 

Questions? Email us: